Quality policy

Quality Policy, Food Safety and the Environment

RAR Açúcar’s main objective is to provide the best products and services in order to satisfy the requirements of its clients and the applicable legal requirements, assuming social responsibility as a design of its management acts and assuring to all the interested parties a performance efficient, effective and sustainable.

In coherence, RAR Açúcar implemented a Management System, in compliance with the normative references NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 22000, IFS – International Food Standard and NP EN ISO 14001, respectively, whose maintenance, development and continuous improvement of its effectiveness has as its purpose:

  • Ensure the quality, compliance and food safety of the products and services provided;
  • Obtain customer satisfaction, trust and preference;
  • Ensure the defined strategy and its suitability to the company context;
  • Improve the level of training and employee performance;
  • Prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impacts associated with its activities, products and services;
  • Comply with the applicable compliance obligations as well as others that the company subscribes with regard to quality, food safety and the environment;
  • Promote and implement sustainable resource management;
  • Promote communication mechanisms with all stakeholders;
  • Publicize and promote the knowledge of this policy to all employees and external suppliers, involving them in the commitments assumed by RAR Açúcar.

Considering that the Management System is a strategic instrument of our corporate policy and involves the commitment of all, RAR Açúcar concretizes the application of this Policy through annual goals and targets, established for the relevant functions and levels of the company.

Given the current challenges and the conviction that it is possible to improve what has been done, RAR Açúcar’s Management believes that the success of the company will depend on the committed collaboration of all employees, ensuring the improvements that will distinguish us from our competitors.