The brand


Until the 1960s, the Portuguese sugar refining industry consisted of a few dozen small-scale units, largely functioning in artisanal terms, with very rudimentary equipment, unable to produce quality sugar.

The industrial conditioning policy then in force imposed the creation of modern industrial sugar refineries, of greater size and well equipped technologically, thus forcing the transformation of the Sugar Refining Industrial Sector.

RAR Açúcar was founded in 1962, as a result of the concentration of 9 small sugar refining units in the north of the country, hence the acronym RAR (Refinarias de Açúcar Reunidas – Sugar Refineries United). The company started to market the existing production of these small units until the start of the refinery to replace those units.

The construction of its facilities began in the following year and RAR started operating in 1967, with an installed production capacity of 25,000 t/year. RAR sales in 1967 reached about 22,000 t, corresponding to 11.78% of the country’s production.



In 1968

The shareholding structure of RAR changed enabling a new dynamism which, in the following years, resulted in an exceptional growth of the company. The company’s share capital was increased and the Refinery’s production capacity was expanded in order to respond to the increasing sales growth and the increasing RAR market share.

In the 70s and 80s

In 1973, RAR acquired the Refinaria Angola, located in Matosinhos, and its sales volume increased to around 45% of the national market.
In spite of the difficulties that the country was experiencing at that time, RAR undertook an expansion of its activity and diversification to other areas, with the creation of several companies, which today form the RAR Group.

From 1991

The concentration of the productive activity was carried out, closing the Matosinhos refinery and providing the Oporto Refinery with the necessary capacity to fully process the sugar needs of RAR. With a current production capacity of over 240,000 t/year, RAR Açúcar has faced the 21st century with the determination to be a reference in the Iberian market, with innovative products and services and with a clear commitment to quality.



In recent years, the company has been gradually adapting to the new realities of the market, modernizing its manufacturing, logistics and management processes, thus investing in a continuous increase in efficiency.

RAR Açúcar is a company that remains committed to guarantee the quality and food safety of its products, assuming the commitment of continuous improvement of its environmental behaviour. The certifications obtained and confirmed over the last few years are proof of this commitment.

Vision and Mission

Our VISION: Create solutions with sugar to be present in all the sweet moments of life.


To be a reference in the Iberian sugar market

To be proactive in creating products and services that guarantee the satisfaction and preference of the industry, distribution and consumer

To provide a healthy environment for motivating and effective teamwork

To promote an entrepreneurial spirit through the sustained development of skills

To build increasingly operational efficiency with high standards of quality and safety

Actively contribute to improving the quality of life in the community

Ensure the sustainability of the remuneration of invested capital.